The Toothfairy Travels

Here at Camiguin Action Geckos we have a special spot in our hearts for German Doctors. These volunteers are coming to Mindanao to work in hospitals, and during their usual 6 weeks post they spend two 10-day periods in what’s called a Rolling Clinic. During the Rolling Clinic the doctors are going to remote areas…


Engagement Action with Leoni and Bas

Engagement Action

We always get so excited when we get to be involved in the special moments of guests. Last week we got to organize a lovely engagement surprise for our dear friends from the Netherlands, Leoni and Bas. Bas wanted to propose to Leoni during their 3.5 week vacation, and what would be a better place…


Kinabuhi – Life, in progress

Kinabuhi – Life

Last year, just after Christmas, we were presented with not such a nice Christmas present. The tropical storm Senyang took our boat and smashed it to pieces on our beach. But such is life on an island like this. Like Filipinos do, we swallowed the loss, kept on smiling and started looking for a replacement.…