Engagement Action with Leoni and Bas

Engagement Action

We always get so excited when we get to be involved in the special moments of guests. Last week we got to organize a lovely engagement surprise for our dear friends from the Netherlands, Leoni and Bas. Bas wanted to propose to Leoni during their 3.5 week vacation, and what would be a better place…

Kinabuhi – Life, in progress

Kinabuhi – Life

Last year, just after Christmas, we were presented with not such a nice Christmas present. The tropical storm Senyang took our boat and smashed it to pieces on our beach. But such is life on an island like this. Like Filipinos do, we swallowed the loss, kept on smiling and started looking for a replacement.…

Large cross indicating the sactuary Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin,

The Three Most Deceptively Named Dive Sites In Camiguin

(first published on Reconnect Discover, http://www.reconnectdiscover.com/blog/the-three-most-deceptively-named-dive-sites-in-camiguin/ )   You see it all the time. People have gone all out to come up with a fantastic name for a dive site. And whereas some may be very appropriate, others may be completely deceptive. A “manta point” where there are no (longer) any mantas to be found.…

Angelo the Explorer

Another happy customer

We have them a lot. Action Geckos prides itself for its great customer service. We positively love our guests, and we value their feedback. That’s how we improve what we’re doing. But when you get complimented like this, it’s almost impossible not to water up at least a bit. So we happily share a blog…

Action Geckos Crazy SUMMER SALE

Action Geckos Crazy SUMMER SALE!!

IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN!!   Starting May 15th the Geckos are going positively MAD!!   Here’s what’s going to happen:   Traveler rooms Accommodation including breakfast*! If you stay longer than 5 nights, accommodation comes with 10% discount.   Beach Cottages and Bungalows Accommodation including breakfast*, and 10% discount on accommodation for stays of…

Everything is Everywhere meets Camiguin Action Geckos

The beautiful Quirks of artists

We get a lot of different types of people. That’s the beauty of being in this “business”. Last week we got a small group which was a totally new thing for us, though. The artists from Everything is Everywhere picked Action Geckos for a “holiday” in which they spent most of their days working on…

Nudibranch – trinchesia yamasui

Things are late…

Usually around this time the water’s already warmer and the visibility is already better. But things seem to be late this year. The water’s still cold (for us divers who got used to diving every day in 29-30 degrees, 26 degrees is cold!), and with approximately 10 meters visibility we’re not quite there yet either.…