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Kinabuhi – Life, in progress

Last year, just after Christmas, we were presented with not such a nice Christmas present.
The tropical storm Senyang took our boat and smashed it to pieces on our beach.
But such is life on an island like this.
Like Filipinos do, we swallowed the loss, kept on smiling and started looking for a replacement.

We found something bare boned. We dragged it to our premises and started working on it.
We had a fantastic carpenter, Enriqo, who turned the ugly carcass into a beautiful diving boat.

Today was the day we took it out for our first dives.
With us was our friend, neighbor and old-diving student René, who helped us “baptize” our new boat.

We named the boat Kinabuhi, which means “Life” in Visayan.
Because Life goes on, and we go on!

Kinabuhi - Life, in progress

Kinabuhi – Life, in progress

Come and dive with us!
Come and enjoy Life with us!