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Ville (right) at Camiguin Action Geckos

Underwater photo enthusiast from Finland

We were very excited to receive a guest as far away as Finland! Ville visited us this July for almost a week, and was diving every day. This was already his fifth time to the Philippines, but the first time to Camiguin Island. Having already over 650 dives under his weight belt, it can be…


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Sunset picnic on White Island with Camiguin Action Geckos

White Island worth visiting

Although only a simple sandbar, this white little island in the middle of the sea is one of the main sights around Camiguin Island. And we definitely think it should be on your list of to-dos also! From the beach of Camiguin Action Geckos you can see this horse shoe shaped little island located approximately…


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Staff trip

Day together – Trip to Mantigue

Once a year for almost the whole day we close the resort, pack our bags, step into a disco jeepney, crank up the volume and head to the beach! It’s time for the staff day – a day filled with sun, fun and being together. This year we headed to Mantigue island, where we often…


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Blue-ringed octopus in a muck dive in Camiguin, Philippines

To muck or not to muck…

Some divers hate it. Others love it. Some divers have never done it. Others simply don’t know what it is. Muck diving gets its name from the sediment that lies at the bottom of many dive sites – a frequently muddy or “mucky” environment. Other than muddy sediment, the muck dive substrate may consist of…


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Rainbow hitting White Island

Pot of gold

Camiguin has been celebrating St. Johns Day today. This means that most of the island had a day off. People migrate to the beaches with their families and enjoy the day out. There’s a parade in the morning in Mambajao, and if you get thrown water at you while you are out and about, you…


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Yvonne and René passed their PADI Open Water Course

Happy PADI OWD Divers Yvonne and René

Since many years these two guests have a special relationship with Camiguin Action Geckos. Independently from each other. What a coincidence that both of them did their PADI Open Water Diver course finally at the same time with us. Both of them are passionate snorkelers. Yvonne is working since four years in Butuan and since…


Camiguin Action Geckos

The winds of change…

It’s Friday the Thirteenth. Tonight it’s Full Moon. At this moment the tides are high and they are still getting higher this weekend. The season is changing from Amihan to Habagat. Those are physical changes. Full Moon is in many tales linked to changes. In character, in shape, in strength… Camiguin Action Geckos has chosen…