We all vacation differently.

Some of us are craving for some alone-time, to just sit alone, relax, read a good book or write in a journal. Some are traveling to meet new people, to exchange stories and to form new friendships. Whatever your traveling style is, we’ve got you covered!


Quiet table for some alone time

If it’s one of those evenings when you feel like being by yourself, we get it! Reading a book and being all introvert-y is what we love sometimes too! Grab one of these funky new signs and wherever you sit, it’ll be a quiet table. This sign says “QUIET TABLE – I’m on a date with myself, let’s talk another time.” Simple and easy.

Quiet table


Talking Table for new friends

If you are traveling alone, and looking for new friends, make it known that people are free to join you for an evening of chatting and exchanging experiences. This sign says FEEL FREE TO JOIN ME – Always nice to get to know other travelers. So wherever you sit, it’ll be the cozy talking table of new friends.

Feel free to join me

So which one would you choose?