Here at Camiguin Action Geckos we have a special spot in our hearts for German Doctors. These volunteers are coming to Mindanao to work in hospitals, and during their usual 6 weeks post they spend two 10-day periods in what’s called a Rolling Clinic.

During the Rolling Clinic the doctors are going to remote areas of Mindanao, where the people don’t have access to hospitals or regular health care. They work non-stop in order to take care of the people there as best as they can with the limited resources they have.

To get some well deserved rest, the German Doctors often come to Camiguin Action Geckos, and we love having them!

This week we got to know Winnie, who had a nice story to share…



The Toothfairy Travels

Winnie is a dentist. After working in Europe, and the last 9 years in Dubai, she wanted something else. Her heart was set for some traveling, photography and making a difference in the world. After some soul searching, Winnie decided to go for it. She quit her job and started her adventures as a Toothfairy.

She’s been on the road since August this year, and plans to travel the world for at least a year. Southern Philippines, and the German Doctors was one of here first stops.


The concept is lovely. Winnie has a website, called The Toothfairy Travels (, through which she documents her journey. When she is not learning to surf or documenting her travels via her beautiful photographs, she puts on her pink wings and volunteers.

“It can be health care, dental care, education or cleaning up, I really don’t care” says Winnie. “As long as I get to help!



Challenge this incredible Fairy

You can challenge this incredible fairy via her website, where she has a Truth or Fairy (you know, tooth or dare :D) section. Here you can post challenges regarding what you’d like the ToothFairy to do. She will then raise money for the challenge, and if the goal is reach, she will do it (think eating Balut, doing a bungee jump, you name it!). All the profits from the challenges go to the German Doctors.

Read more on her travels and volunteering missions on her Website and Facebook page.