Traveling is great, and tasting the local cuisine is a big part of the travel experience. If, however, you have specific wishes regarding your diet, traveling can sometimes pose some interesting challenges.

You may have even thought that traveling as a vegetarian or vegan in the Philippines is hard, if not impossible with all the lechon out there. But the truth is quite the opposite!

As there are more and more people turning to vegetarian and vegan diets, we here at Camiguin Action Geckos wanted to give our support to you in the form or a Veg(etari)an menu!

Vegan menu



Veg(etari)an Menu

Already for years we have had a vegetarian option on our Daily Specials, but we wanted to take things one step further. When we designed our new menu’s, we made special pages dedicated to Vegans and Vegetarians only.

We wanted to make it easy to see which dishes are vegetarian, and which are suitable for vegans. And there is a lot to choose from while getting the local experience! Especially dishes such as the banana blossom salad, vegetarian curry or mung bean soup will spoil your taste buds!


Vegan love


Vegan pancakes

One of the additions to our menu is the fluffy vegan pancake, sweetened with organic coconut sugar produced here on Camiguin island. The vegan pancakes are called Alex’s Paradise pancakes after one of the lovely yoga teachers of Reconnect Discover who spent also hours in the kitchen coming up with new recipes. Try the fluffy vegan pancakes with one of our fresh juices, like carrot, apple and ginger juice!

All the more reason to visit Camiguin Action Geckos Dive and Adventure Resort on your next trip to the Philippines!