So you would love to try diving, but unsure what’s all included. The diving world is full of acronyms like Intro, DSD, DM, OWD, AOWD and BCD, and seems like there are so many options out there.

What to do when you have never ever dived before, you are not sure whether you’d want to go for the full course, but you are curious….

Go for a DSD!

DSD stands for Discover Scuba Diving, and offers you just that. A lovely introduction to the world of diving. Since this is only a half-a day activity,  it’s easy to fit into any holiday planning.



What exactly happens during a DSD?

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program includes 2 dives: first one to maximum of 6 meters and the second one to maximum of 12 meters.

You will start your adventure by learning some basics. Our PADI Dive Instructor or Dive Master will show you a fun video which will explain the basics about being under water, and what you can expect from your experience. You will also need to read a short leaflet and fill out a quiz, nothing long or hard, you’ll do great!

The only thing that could really prevent you from going on this adventure is if you have a medical condition. The best thing to do, when you think you’ll do a Scuba Diving experience during your holiday, is to go to your GM or physician and get a medical statement prior to leaving for your holiday destination. If you don’t, and it appears from the standard medical questionnaire you have to fill in that you have one (or more) of the conditions mentioned, you will have to get a medical statement from a physician before you can go on your diving adventure.


Then you are ready to get familiar with the gear. During the DSD you do not need to know every little detail about your gear, as your Dive Instructor will be by your side during the entire time. Nonetheless, we need to suit you up, so you’ll need to wiggle yourself into a wet suit, and learn the basics about the equipment that will help you breathe under water.


Once you are comfortable, it’s time to hit the water!

If we are doing the DSD from the resort, we may do the first dive as shore dive, which means we walk from the beach into the water. In Mantigue island (in the pictures) this is especially nice, as the water is just so clear and inviting.

Last practice of the most used hand signals, and you’re good to go!


Before the first dive even begins, you will take your time and get familiar with the gear in the water. Slowly dipping your face into the water, trying to breathe underwater for the first time. Then you will slowly move below the surface… Wow, what a feeling! Breathing underwater for the first time! But take your time, and it’s OK to feel nervous or anxious. This is why it’s important that the groups are small so that you have the maximum attention from the Dive Instructor or Dive Master.


You will do some exercises under water before starting the first dive. You will practice clearing your mask from water, and recovering a regulator if you happen to let go of it during the dive. These exercises are meant to make you feel safer, so you have the basics skills and knowledge before you go any deeper.




The dives

The first dive is maximum to 6 meters, and usually takes approximately half an hour. Then you’ll take a surface interval of one hour, and the second dive is more like a real dive! You’ll go to a maximum of 12 meters, and the dive takes approximately 45 minutes (depends also on your air consumption). Your Instructor will stay close to you at all times, and respects your level of comfortability at all times.

The second dive is the time to truly experience the magic of diving, and it’s not unusual to want to continue to the PADI Open Water Diver certification.


Are you infected with the diving bug now?

The DSD experience is not a certifying course. After doing this you are not allowed to dive without direct supervision of an Instructor or Dive Master, but it gets you into the PADI online system. It credits towards the Open Water Diver course as Open Water Dive #1 (it depends on the dive school if and how they give discount on the dive). The DSD is valid for 12 months.

You will enjoy the relaxed diving with us, and the amazing underwater scenery! Just try it, and if after the 1st dive you have seen enough, no worries, we’ll keep it as an intro-dive.

We look forward to diving with you here!