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Get ready to experience the many great dive sites around our beautiful island Camiguin! The island has a variety of dive sites, so there is a lot to choose from for everyone.

Camiguin Action Geckos has a European management with two PADI Instructors and local, experienced dive guides and divemasters. We offer Intro Dives, Discover Scuba Diving experiences, and PADI Scuba Dive Courses from Open Water up to Dive Master. Our courses are generally conducted in English, but our instructors speak English, German, Dutch, Finnish and Swedish.

Our dives are guided by our experienced, local dive guides and divemasters or by a dive instructor. Dive sites are reached either by boat or by multicab or jeepney. Depending on the dive site the trip takes approximately 10-40 minutes. We always choose the dive sites carefully depending on the current weather conditions and the season.

Dive sites
Camiguin Island has that un-touched feeling you get from places where not many people travel to. You can see and feel this also on the dive sites. They are pristine. Although you may not be the first one to have dived here, the "more divers than fish" is something we can guarantee will not happen to you on our dives.

Around the island are plenty of dive sites, which allow all kinds of dives. Lava formations, coral gardens, drop off reefs, steep slopes, walls and sunken sand bars: you name it! Old Volcano, for example, is a fantastic wall dive and with the sunlight hitting the hardened volcanic magma structures and the corals on top you are literally in a different world. Sunken Cemetery doesn't have tombstones, don't worry. What it does have is a massive area of beautiful soft and hard corals. Black Forest is a gently sloping sandy bottom with soft and hard corals and big tubastrea bushes.
And especially for the muck dive lovers we have a few fantastic muck dive sites where your chances of seeing some very interesting, even rare creatures are very good!

We do not typically get to see big marine life like sharks, manta rays or whales around here, but the island makes up for it with a large variety of macro marine life and amazing coral gardens.

Come and let us show you the magical underwater world of Camiguin!

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